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What will happen if Iran closes the Hormuz Bay

What will happen if Iran closes the Hormuz Bay

The Gulf of Hormuz is the most important strategic sea route in the world. Have become increasingly important because of the intense tension between Iran and the United States of America.

The tension between Iran and the United States and its allies is now the Gulf of Hormuz.

The tension began last year when US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Trump broke the agreement saying it was in Iran’s interest. Trump imposed tough economic sanctions on Iran in November last year.

Since then, tensions in the relationship between the two countries have been increasing steadily.

Trump said Iran was a terrorist state and that the United States would not tolerate it. At the same time, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian leader, said that we would not trust the United States, and would not trust it.

In April of this year, Trump said US sanctions would be imposed on those countries that would trade with Iran. During this time, America sent a warship to Abraham Lincoln’s Bay of Hormuz.

Now the military activities in Hormuz have increased. Iran seized the British oil tanker on Friday from the Gulf of Hormuz.

Britain and Iran became face to face after Iran’s move, and the United Kingdom warned Iran against serious consequences.

What is the importance of the Gulf of Hormuz?

On the side of the Gulf of Hormuz, American supporters are Arab states and Iran on the other. This bay is only 21 miles in some areas between Oman and Iran.

There are two freeways here to get one of the ships coming one.

This bay is very narrow, although it is so deep that the world’s largest ships and tankers can pass easily.

Oil from the Middle East reaches Asia, Europe, the USA and other markets in the world via Hormuz.

A million dollars of oil passes through this Gulf every day. That is, twenty percent of the world’s crude oil passes here.

If there is one crude oil in the world at once, it will happen here.

By comparison, 55 million barrels of Suez Canal and 1.6 million barrels of oil pass through the Gulf of Malacca.

Iran is also sending its oil across the world. In 2017 Iran sent $ 66 billion worth of crude oil in this way.

Iran is unhappy with the restrictions on the sale of its oil, but there is a trump card in his hand. This is the Gulf of Hormuz.

Iran threatens to stop oil exports from here by closing the Gulf of Hormuz.

Can this Gulf be closed?

When there was a war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s, oil tankers passing through were largely targeted.

The two countries tried to close each other’s oil exports.

This war was also called the War of the Tankers. There were more than 240 victims of oil tankers, 55 of whom were drowned.

When Iran says it does not allow oil out of the Gulf, it means it will make the movement of ships vulnerable here.

This means that to stop the path, wrecks can use land mines, rockets, submarines or even high speed boats that will be deployed here.

This is important because if Iran does that and if oil exports are affected, it will have a direct impact on the world’s economies.

If the transfer of oil tankers is affected here, it will affect oil prices in countries like India. With expensive oil, everyday things can be expensive for ordinary people.

That is, the direct impact of the pressure of the Gulf of Hormuz can fall on the lives of ordinary people.

But the biggest effect would be that if Iran closed the Gulf of Hormuz, then it could consider declaring the war of the international community.

At the same time, Iran insists it does not want war recently when the US president was asked if there was a war with Iran, he said he was not expected to occur.

Stressful developments around Hormuz

On Friday, the United States claimed that a warship had killed an Iranian drone in the Gulf region. Although Iran denied this.

On Friday, Iran seized British oil tanker Stina Empero in the Gulf of Hormuz.

Earlier this month, British troops had captured an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar. Iran is believed to have captured the British oil tanker in response.

On June 13, two oil tankers were hit in attacks near Iran’s coastal zone. One of these was Japanese oil tankers.

A fire broke out at the Front Altair tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Iranian boats tried to extinguish it.

There were three explosions on this vessel at sea between the United Arab Emirates and Iran. This vessel, registered in Marshall Island, was in international waters, when it exploded.

The United States called Iran responsible for the attack on oil tankers in the Gulf region. At the same time, Saudi Arabia said it would provide a strong response to the attacks.

On June 20, Iran killed a US drone aircraft in the Gulf region. US President Donald Trump ordered Iran to retaliate, which he will take back last time.

When Neil Armstrong’s beats on the Moon got faster

When Neil Armstrong's beats on the Moon got faster

50 years of human life on the moon. Many countries, including India, are preparing to send new missions to the moon.

So in the 50th anniversary of NASA’s mission to the moon, his memories are being updated all over the world.

NASA named Apollo named Yan to reach the moon.

Her first flight was on October 11, 1968, under the mission of Apollo 7, which was sent to Earth orbit.

After the death of all passengers on Apollo 1 mission, it was completely redesigned. Much was dependent on Apollo 7.

Mercury and the task of Gemini

There was no possibility of this at least for the next decade.

While US President John F. Kennedy at the same time identified the mission to reach the NASA satellite in 1961.

The Apollo 7 mission commander was NASA’s most intelligent astronaut, the Chiara Valley. He had gone into space under the mission of Mercury and the Goats.

There was also Don Ethel and Walt Cunningham, who went into space for the first time with them inside the Apollo capsule.

People thought this would be the first group of astronauts trying to land on the moon.

Deep impact on the task

However, within a few hours of the launch of Apollo 7, the vein became frozen. It had a very profound effect on the whole task.

“Wally had to clean his nose again and then he had to find a place to keep tissue paper,” Walt Cunningham, recalling the 50-year-old incident, told them without being able to use all the tissue papers.

“The paper tissue used in the whole capsule was tense, because of the disease, the veins in the valley were tired and irritated from the point of view, and this affected their contacts from the NASA control room.”

“The relationship between the three astronauts in Apollo has become interesting,” said Jerry Griffin, director of aeronautics at the time.

The job was quite successful 

The Valley of the Void repeatedly discussed the control room. They refused to obey their instructions.

Once Deck Slayton, the boss and astronaut, told “Get Fuck”.

Griffin says I did not understand why so far, I was in a state of shock from vein behavior.

After 11 days in space, the valley and the two returned to Earth. The task was quite successful.

At the same time, the valley was used full of tissue paper in the spinning, and all medicines were taken to open the nose.

Their behavior was also combined with their peers and the three could not go back into space.

Health of astronauts

During any space mission, all data on the health of astronauts are collected.

Then there is a burning sensation, be it fever or fever, or for a long time to wear a machine to collect urine.

During the Apollo 15 mission, the astronaut’s pulse became unnatural and doctors believed that this was due to potassium deficiency.

Therefore, the number of fruits such as oranges, season and lemons were retained for passengers on the mission of Apollo 16. While one shoulder was pulled.

Apollo 13 astronauts have been dehydrated by water shortages. Then they began to become very gas.

Citrus fruits

When astronaut Apollo 16 John Young was walking on the moon, he had an interesting discussion about the space cafeteria with fellow Charlie Duke.

But, by mistake, both spoke to the task of control, and the rest of the world also listened to him.

Yong said the gas was causing him a lot of trouble. I do not know what to mix in food. Acid is very fast.

Young also said he had not eaten enough citrus fruits in the past 20 years, such as taking him on the job.

If the passenger gets enough gas in a closed capsule, this will be a serious problem.

Neil Armstrong

At the same time, the passengers of Apollo 10 mission were more ferocious. After defecation failed to seal them properly.

After this, the melee was broken in the space capsule. Apollo 11 mission leader Neil Armstrong, who arrived on the moon, was also popular under pressure.

During his mission, his heartbeat was normal.

On July 20, 1969, when he separated from the command unit and landed on the moon using lunar module, the heartbeat was so natural.

However, when the warning sound of the computer began, Neil’s heartbeat began to grow.

The pulse of Neil’s heartbeat became rapid during the landing of the spacecraft on the moon.

In difficult circumstances

But as soon as he landed on the moon and two minutes after asking the “control task” to stay there, Neil’s heartbeat became normal again.

In addition to the Apollo 15 heartbeat, the heart of astronauts raised this problem as well as the pulse of the Gemini 9 mission of NASA.

On the last day of the mission, Jean Cernon had to do some repair work while swimming in space. While doing so, the gene joints began to collapse.

Every time he tried it, it happened. They were upset. Understanding of the Mission’s mission was understandable.

However, in very difficult circumstances, committees can finally finish the repair work. Then came the capsule.

What is the murder of a witch, at the behest of Ojha? : Ground Report

What is the murder of a witch, at the behest of Ojha Ground Report

Four people were killed in the village of Sisarkari in Jomla district of Jharkhand because of the claims of witchcraft. Among the dead were Sana Uraun, 60, Shaba Oroun, 69, his wife Pera Orein, 60, and Fajani Orian, 60.

The incident is 3 am. After the preliminary investigation, police arrested eight people from the village.

Among the arrested persons are the head of the village (Chief Priest) Sukra Uraun, Bogar (the priest’s assistant) Tula Uran, Kondoro Uraon, Lalo Uraun, Ram Uraun, Shoko Uraun, Mahvir Uraon and Guahari Uraun.

Anghani Kumar Jha, of Gumla, said it was a myth. The FIR was registered against persons arrested under Article 147 (Conviction of the fugitive), 148.

Assault by lethal weapon (149), mob violence (302), and the Witch Hunt Act of 2001.

It was also reported that the inhabitants of the village of Sisarkari had gone before the village of Oujan (female Ouja) in the second village (Dik), and the police had staged a demonstration. They will be arrested after investigation.

Wounded wounds due to illness

Sanskari village in Nagar Panchayat, 94 km from the headquarters of Ranchi County, has spread everywhere. After the killings, police were guarding the place where the body was.

On Monday, July 22, the village’s president, Mr. Damodar Singh, received the spouse of the village chief, Marwadi Oron, 45, Vice President of Rukmani Devi, and other government officials.

He said there were 94 houses in the village. 90 houses belong to the Uraon tribe, three from the Lohra tribe and one from the Nagaia tribe.

It was also reported that according to the data collected under CM Agriculture’s program of ponds on June 31, there are six acres of land near the deceased Uraon Chapa, and there are four acres of land near Oraon.

While Oren was not found draining the Orin myths, the reason was that he did not know the land he owned.

Under Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, only four houses were built in the village. There is no toilet in any house.

According to information received from the villagers, the village youth, Bulo Uraun and the wife of government teacher Naruya Urawun died of the disease a month ago.

At the same time, a year ago, the wife of Gora Owen died because of many diseases.

Polo Uraon was an alcoholic. He was already sick already. Naruya Uraon’s wife was suffering from kidney disease.

Marwari Uraon told that the dead heard Uraon, Chapa Uraon and Piri Devi worship after reading mantra every morning at four o’clock.

The next moment, he also said that the mantra was a Karma song (Adivasi Festival), Sarna Mai in Nagpuri language. On special occasions, the other villagers also sang at the time of Sarna Puja.

Allegations were made in Gramh Sabha

About the event, said that a meeting was held on July 17 in the village. Who was also present with more than 200 villagers.

It was the fact that someone had a bad look at the village. It was decided that on the seventh day of the month of Safan, on July 24, the goddess of the village will be sacrificed goat

After that, a village close to a village near Chadri Toli, Ocha Giteau came to Oran said the village situation was serious. They can not handle it. View Exorcist

Another villager, Thumar Devi, said that after Jatu Uraon’s advice, on Friday, more than 50 villagers arrived at a chicken village in the old village of Ranchi.

At the same time, Titra Devi said that among the villagers, there were three fugitives in addition to the goddess of fungi in the dead with them. The sons of Chapa Uraon and Peer-Devi were not included.

Killed by order of the village of Awja

According to another rural village of Lali Devi, a woman from Auja (not told by any villager) in the chicken village, without any name, said there was a dried bibal tree in front of someone’s house, destroying the village.

During the last month and the previous death in the village, these people were held responsible.

Local journalist Ranganath says that earlier in the surrounding areas there were murders against the witch. The name Ojja from Chicken Village also comes out in it.

Ajai Kumar Jaiswal, secretary of the non-governmental organization Asha, who has been working for the last 30 years, said they conducted surveys in 332 Panchayat in eight districts in Jharkhand in 2015. In this 76 oz was marked.

According to them, these were characterized by women who were called the witch. The number of these women was 256.

All of them were from the areas of Sarekila, Pokaro, Ranchi, Khajati, Gamla and Luharda in Jharkhand.

The village has a sink

In the village of Sisakari, Bodan Devi, 32 of the Gods of the Dead Gap, made rice and vegetables for the guests who came for the rescue. During the conversation, he was told that his mother-in-law had never had any quarrel with anyone before.

He was worshiped, but not every day. He also worshiped the gods of the village and Sarna May (the goddess of the tribes).

He also said that even after the night incident (Saturday night) a lot of attack, do not open his eyes. The husband was sleeping after two days of sleep, so he did not get the chance. In the morning, his mother-in-law was beaten to death by villagers.

Buddha Devi has four sons. No one goes to school. Couples farming agriculture. After six months of the year, they go to Hazaribagh to work in a brick oven.

Kargil: When General Musharraf’s phone was taped by Raw

Kargil When General Musharraf's phone was taped by Raw

On the night of May 26, 1999, at 9:30 pm, the Commander of the Army, General Vid Prakash Malik, received a call from Secure International Exchange.

On the other end, Indian intelligence secretary Arvind Dave was working. General Malik reported that his people had recorded a conversation between two senior Pakistani generals.

One of them took part in the conversation with General Beijing. Then he read the parts of the conversation and told General Malik that the information hidden in them might be important to us.

“In fact, Dave wanted to do this for the general intelligence director of the phone, but his secretary added that phone to me wrongly,” General Malik told the BBC.

“When they knew I was on the phone instead of DGMI, they were very embarrassed. I sent a text message from this phone conversation immediately.

“After reading the entire text, I received a call to Arvind Dave and I said that I think this conversation is between General Musharraf, who is now in China and the very senior general,” she said, advising Dave to continue registering these phone numbers, as they did.

Try to control RAW’s grass war

“Three days later, Roe recorded another conversation between the two, but this time, instead of sharing it with the Director General of Military Intelligence or me, I sent this information directly to National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

, When I went to Mumbai to take part in a naval mission with Prime Minister Vajpayee and Brajesh Mishra, the Prime Minister asked me about the new provinces to return.

“Then Brajesh Mishra realized I had not seen him, and when he came back, he corrected this mistake and sent me a copy of this conversation as well.

This incident tells us that even during the fighting, our information did not share information with everyone and reach people’s choice at the top so that the “grass war” dominated them.

Nawaz Sharif’s decision to listen to the tapes

This tape was received by the Cabinet Committee on Prime Minister Vajpayee and Security Affairs until 1 June.

On June 4, India decided to hear these tapes with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his travel text. If the recording of Musharraf’s conversation was a huge achievement for Indian intelligence, access to those tapes to Nawaz Sharif was not a big deal.

Ask the question: Who will go to Islamabad to take these sensitive tapes?

The secret of Indian contact sources is Islamabad

He told a source on condition of anonymity that the famous journalist RK Mishra was chosen for this, who had gone to Australia at the time. This responsibility was given to him by his description of India.

Because of the fear that if they were not searched at Islamabad airport, they would get a “diplomatic” status so that they could get “diplomatic immunity”.

He was accompanied by Joint Minister Vivek Katjo to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meet. K. Mishra Nawaz Sharif at breakfast at 8:30 am and received a copy of him.

Mishra and Katjo returned to Delhi the same night after completing this work. This trip was so secret that it was not discussed at least at the time.

The Telegraph newspaper, published by Kolkata, published a report on Pranu Sharma in its July 4, 1999 issue, “Delhi Strikes Sharif with the Tebuk Army.”

It was reported in this report that India sent Joint Secretary Vivek Katjo to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Islamabad to report the tape to Nawaz Sharif.

B. Roman, the former Secretary-General of RAW, an article entitled “Masterpieces of Kargil Tape and Blunder?” , Written in the Outlook magazine, on June 22, 2007.

It is clear that those who narrated the tape to Nawaz Sharif received clear instructions that they should return the tape after hearing them. Do not hand them over to them.

Mishra later denied that he had done the work. Vivek Katjo did not publicly confirm this.

The Indians were behind this, with RAW ministers Arvind Dave, national security adviser Brajesh Mishra and Jaswant Singh taking part in the idea that they had evidence of this evidence and fearing that India had more of these tapes there would be Pakistani leadership on Cargill under pressure.

The straps are made public

A few weeks after Nawaz Sharif heard these tapes, on June 11, 1999, before the visit of Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz to India, India announced these tapes by holding a press conference.

Hundreds of copies of these tapes were produced and sent to each foreign embassy in Delhi.

Musharraf neglect

People in the Indian intelligence community still do not know how they did this work?

Pakistanis believe that the CIA or Mosad helped India in this work. Those who have heard these tapes believe that the sound from Islamabad was clearer, so perhaps it originated from Islamabad.

Pakistani journalist Nasim Zuhair, who wrote the book “From Cargill to Koo,” a well-known book about Cargill, writes in his book, “By making such a sensitive talk with his chief of staff on an open phone, General Musharraf gave evidence of his lack of interest.

Imran Khan, ready to leave nuclear weapons

Imran Khan, ready to leave nuclear weapons

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said they were ready to leave nuclear weapons but India had to do the same.

Amran Khan, who toured the United States, said in an interview with Fox News reporter Brett Bear.

“If India says it is ready to leave nuclear weapons, will Pakistan do the same?” Asked Brett Bayer Omran Khan.

In response to this question, Imran Khan said, “Yes, because the Barano War is not an option … the idea of ​​a nuclear war between Pakistan and India itself must be destroyed, because the two countries have a limit of 2.5 billion miles.”

Prime Minister Khan Khan said the nuclear war between the two countries would be dangerous for the entire Indian subcontinent. Khan said there had been tension on the border since last February.

“Given that, I told President Trump that he could play a role by becoming an intermediary between India and Pakistan,” said Imran Khan, “an Indian fighter jet killed in Pakistan.”

America is the most powerful country in the world, so it is the only country that can play a role Mediator between Kashmir and Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir issue only

Amran Khan said that between the two countries, Kashmir has been one of these issues in the past 70 years because of its inability to live as a decent neighbor.

Bayer also cited India’s response to Trump’s mediated statement, in which India rejected Trump’s statement that there was no third party in the Kashmir case.

In this regard, Omran Khan said that India ranked first on the table. Khan said the United States could play a positive role in that.

“India came first to the negotiating table, we are optimistic about America in this regard, and America and President Trump can definitely play a positive role in this,” Khan said.

Omran Khan went to the United States for the first time after becoming Prime Minister. On Monday, the two heads of state met at the White House.

Main agenda Afghanistan

It is said that the main agenda of America in this visit to Imran is in Afghanistan, where he participated in the conflict for 18 years, and has not been achieved so far.

Imran Khan, on the other hand, wants to restore military and economic support that the United States has stopped.

There has been a rich history of good relations between the two countries, but things have changed completely since Tromf took power.

The United States complains that Pakistan has continued to seek economic and military assistance but has done nothing against terrorism. When Summar met the White House leaders, there was a smile on his face.

Omran Khan said he was committed to continuing relations with America since he became prime minister.

“Pakistan has not respected America in the past, now Pakistan has a lot to do, we are optimistic about Imran Khan and we hope there will be a sweetness in the relations,” Trump said.

“If you want to win the war, remove it from the ground, we do not want to do that,” Trump said of Afghanistan.

“Trump wants Pakistan to play a positive role in Afghanistan. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, Imran Khan said it was America’s longest war and felt that the solution could be political.

In November, Trump wrote “Pakistan hid Osama bin Laden, after all we entered Pakistan.” Omran Khan said Pakistan had paid the highest price for terrorism.

Trump said he could win the war in Afghanistan within a week but did not want to know that a million people had been killed.

“The problem is that Pakistan has done nothing for us and has proved to be a reflection, I think Pakistan has the best relationship at the moment and it never happened,” Trump told Imran Khan.

Trump said the financial aid he received from Pakistan could be restored, but that depended on how much Pakistan was doing.

But Trump said it was good to provide US-Pakistan relations without financial assistance.