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July 23, 2019

Applications of FB Messenger for 13 years under Messenger Messenger – Two years ago young people started to set up a “private” chat area, which would contact the people who specially contact their father and Acceptable to the father – An embarrassing security is causing concern.

Messages sent by FGB to the parents and the customers of the app’s clients sent to an unknown group informed them that the company described a “technical error” as a good friend of the child Allowed them to make a gay chat, which was called as ‘many parents’ second – the secondary contact with the primary or younger person’s father or father Without the keys

FB did not publish the general disclosure of security concerns. We have contacted the company with questions.

I recently confirmed the error on Verge, and I said to him: “We recently told some parents of a messenger a technical error, in which we found that affecting a small number of groups, chat Paused and provided additional resources and online safety of the Messenger Kids to parents. ”

This difficulty has arisen due to the use of the messenger girl permissions in group chat events – a place where multi-user chats go beyond the parental consent system for contacts spoken by post-child.

However, given the help of the application to send mass messages, it is inconceivable that FB engineers aggressively stop fellow colleagues from staying away from immature customers (who can embrace adults) and chat with young people There is no additional layer applied to be able to.

The Verge states that due to the defect, thousands of youth have been left in talks with unauthorized customers.

In spite of its long historical history of enjoying fast and free consumer privacy, when Messenger Kids was launched in 2017, FBI Messenger Chief David Marcus was quick to put shadows on various applications, – “In other applications, they can call anyone or anyone who wants to contact.”

Messenger Children Messenger has allowed non-approved customers to use the chat room, which claims that they were young protected areas, they said that they also developed the “lockstep” application with FTC.

We have contacted the Federal Trade Commission to ask if there is a possibility of a security breach.

The partner’s information was one of the frequent holes in Fb privatization – for example, allowing, abusing hundreds of thousands of private customer information with their knowledge or consent at the expense of extended FB permissions around them.

Now that Cambridge Analycia An old political information company, by pushing a developer to get FBI information to create personal profiles of American voters.

The company has been asked to issue a fine of $ 5 billion by the Federal Trade Commission, which is related to the investigation whether it violated the previous privatization obligations assigned to the regulator.

Several legal guidelines for information security are governed by this young information curriculum, as well as the applications of basic information security regulation in Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (KOPPA) in Europe and Europe.

While there are potential privacy points with messenger children’s defects, given that youth may have shared with unauthorized third events due to “fault”, the main concern for fog is probably a safety hazard for their youth.

This has been found for people who do not agree with an unwanted video chat environment.

There is very little outline on this concern to provide support to the current legal guidelines.

Although risks and harm from growing fear in Europe children have to face surfing, UK officials have pushed for this area.

Long time ago, printed white paper units developed their plans to manage a wide range of online damage, as well as offer compulsory obligation to care for platforms, to take appropriate steps to protect customers from the spread of harm, youth Closer to people’s sexual abuse

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