Fund reduction allocation for SC / ST schemes, insufficient expenses

Between the financial year 2014-2015 and 2019-2020, the Modi government has not allocated Rs 7.51 crore for the care of Scheduled Community (Scheduled Castes) and Scheduled Tribe (ST). This difference is 79.16% of the required funds.

In other words, only 20.8% of the required amount is used for the welfare of SC and ST communities.

In his 2014 statement, BJP talked about “social justice and social harmony” and committed itself to setting up an environment system for equal opportunities – education, health and livelihood.

But after completing our full term at the center, we can see that these promises were just an idiom (false promise).

In this article, we analyze the budget documents, while focusing on the three criteria in the budget of 2019-2020, along with the first chapter of the Moody’s Government.

the gap between the allocated allocation, the actual expenditure and allocation against the government allocation, And use the average plans for SCS and STS.

The huge difference between the requested amount and the provisions:

In order to ensure direct policy-driven benefits for SCs and STs through special interventions, during the decade of 1970, the Planning Committee presented a SCP scheme for TSP for SCS and STS.

Later, the SCP was renamed to Scheduled Subclass (SCSP). The main purpose behind SCSP and TSP is to channel communities to develop communities according to their population.

For better development and utilization, the funds became unviable and non transferable by the Central Government in 2006.

However, after the plan integration and unplanned budget in 2017-18, SCSP and TSP are now referred to as allocation for SCS (AWSC) welfare and allocation for the welfare of STS (AWST).

From 2014-15 to 2018-19, according to the analysis of National Dalit Rights Campaign (NCDHR) on the budget estimates of dalits and tribals, the required allocation is calculated on the basis of policy guidelines.

For the period 2019-2020, the amount requested is based on new guidelines, in which CS + CSS [Central Zone Diagram + Central Advertising Plans] to be allocated in the form of budget for SC and ST schemes to the Ministries or Departments A specific ratio is given.

On the basis of these guidelines, the amount required for the period 2014-15 to 20-2019 was Rs 6.20 crores, while the government allocation was Rs. 3.10 crores of the requisite Appropriations.

Only 8% of the total CS + CSS expenditure was directed to the funds allotted to SC. While the SC is approximately 16% of the total population.

For the STS, the required allocation [between 2014-15 and 2019-2020] was 3.28 crores per lakh, while the government allocated Rs 2 crores for KOR, accounting for 61% requirements.

This allocation shows only 5.12% of the total expenditure on CS + CSS, while the ST population is 8% of the total population.

Actual expenditure is very low

After allocation of insufficient funds for the first time, Modi Government failed to spend the allotted amount.

Managed to spend about Rs 2.07 per lakh for private loans, in which 43.2% of the amount sought was, while Scheduled Tribes Expenditure (STS) was 54% of the amount requested.

In the budget of 2019-2020 compared to the previous year’s budget, there was an increase in the standard and standard procurement provisions. However, this allocation is far beyond the actual requirement.

Budget status for direct target plans and total intervals

The main allocation of the Central Government comes under “Non-Targeted Plans”, only 37.35% go to schemes for the welfare of social services and 40.7% come to the targeted schemes in health services.

Non-target plans are actual real plans, in which SC / ST has a mask for budget plans.

Do not qualify as SC / ST schemes that benefit these communities. In the budget of 2019-2020, out of 329 plans for personal recognition, 233 are non-targeted and without any comprehensive strategy to benefit the society.

Similarly, 71 out of 338 ST plans have the ability to provide direct benefits, while the rest are of normal nature.

We calculated the overall difference in the allocation of welfare of communities and scheduled tribes – which was 7.51 crores from 2014-15 to 2019-20. This figure includes the adaptation gap of KWD 4.38 / kg for non-targeted plots of 3.13 crore rupees.

If we compare these allocation and the real expenditure of the government to the Finance Ministry, then the expenditure will not be taken to address issues related to the SC / ST community.

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