Imran Khan, ready to leave nuclear weapons

July 23, 2019

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said they were ready to leave nuclear weapons but India had to do the same.

Amran Khan, who toured the United States, said in an interview with Fox News reporter Brett Bear.

“If India says it is ready to leave nuclear weapons, will Pakistan do the same?” Asked Brett Bayer Omran Khan.

In response to this question, Imran Khan said, “Yes, because the Barano War is not an option … the idea of ​​a nuclear war between Pakistan and India itself must be destroyed, because the two countries have a limit of 2.5 billion miles.”

Prime Minister Khan Khan said the nuclear war between the two countries would be dangerous for the entire Indian subcontinent. Khan said there had been tension on the border since last February.

“Given that, I told President Trump that he could play a role by becoming an intermediary between India and Pakistan,” said Imran Khan, “an Indian fighter jet killed in Pakistan.”

America is the most powerful country in the world, so it is the only country that can play a role Mediator between Kashmir and Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir issue only

Amran Khan said that between the two countries, Kashmir has been one of these issues in the past 70 years because of its inability to live as a decent neighbor.

Bayer also cited India’s response to Trump’s mediated statement, in which India rejected Trump’s statement that there was no third party in the Kashmir case.

In this regard, Omran Khan said that India ranked first on the table. Khan said the United States could play a positive role in that.

“India came first to the negotiating table, we are optimistic about America in this regard, and America and President Trump can definitely play a positive role in this,” Khan said.

Omran Khan went to the United States for the first time after becoming Prime Minister. On Monday, the two heads of state met at the White House.

Main agenda Afghanistan

It is said that the main agenda of America in this visit to Imran is in Afghanistan, where he participated in the conflict for 18 years, and has not been achieved so far.

Imran Khan, on the other hand, wants to restore military and economic support that the United States has stopped.

There has been a rich history of good relations between the two countries, but things have changed completely since Tromf took power.

The United States complains that Pakistan has continued to seek economic and military assistance but has done nothing against terrorism. When Summar met the White House leaders, there was a smile on his face.

Omran Khan said he was committed to continuing relations with America since he became prime minister.

“Pakistan has not respected America in the past, now Pakistan has a lot to do, we are optimistic about Imran Khan and we hope there will be a sweetness in the relations,” Trump said.

“If you want to win the war, remove it from the ground, we do not want to do that,” Trump said of Afghanistan.

“Trump wants Pakistan to play a positive role in Afghanistan. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, Imran Khan said it was America’s longest war and felt that the solution could be political.

In November, Trump wrote “Pakistan hid Osama bin Laden, after all we entered Pakistan.” Omran Khan said Pakistan had paid the highest price for terrorism.

Trump said he could win the war in Afghanistan within a week but did not want to know that a million people had been killed.

“The problem is that Pakistan has done nothing for us and has proved to be a reflection, I think Pakistan has the best relationship at the moment and it never happened,” Trump told Imran Khan.

Trump said the financial aid he received from Pakistan could be restored, but that depended on how much Pakistan was doing.

But Trump said it was good to provide US-Pakistan relations without financial assistance.

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