Kargil: When General Musharraf’s phone was taped by Raw

July 23, 2019

On the night of May 26, 1999, at 9:30 pm, the Commander of the Army, General Vid Prakash Malik, received a call from Secure International Exchange.

On the other end, Indian intelligence secretary Arvind Dave was working. General Malik reported that his people had recorded a conversation between two senior Pakistani generals.

One of them took part in the conversation with General Beijing. Then he read the parts of the conversation and told General Malik that the information hidden in them might be important to us.

“In fact, Dave wanted to do this for the general intelligence director of the phone, but his secretary added that phone to me wrongly,” General Malik told the BBC.

“When they knew I was on the phone instead of DGMI, they were very embarrassed. I sent a text message from this phone conversation immediately.

“After reading the entire text, I received a call to Arvind Dave and I said that I think this conversation is between General Musharraf, who is now in China and the very senior general,” she said, advising Dave to continue registering these phone numbers, as they did.

Try to control RAW’s grass war

“Three days later, Roe recorded another conversation between the two, but this time, instead of sharing it with the Director General of Military Intelligence or me, I sent this information directly to National Security Advisor Brajesh Mishra and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

, When I went to Mumbai to take part in a naval mission with Prime Minister Vajpayee and Brajesh Mishra, the Prime Minister asked me about the new provinces to return.

“Then Brajesh Mishra realized I had not seen him, and when he came back, he corrected this mistake and sent me a copy of this conversation as well.

This incident tells us that even during the fighting, our information did not share information with everyone and reach people’s choice at the top so that the “grass war” dominated them.

Nawaz Sharif’s decision to listen to the tapes

This tape was received by the Cabinet Committee on Prime Minister Vajpayee and Security Affairs until 1 June.

On June 4, India decided to hear these tapes with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his travel text. If the recording of Musharraf’s conversation was a huge achievement for Indian intelligence, access to those tapes to Nawaz Sharif was not a big deal.

Ask the question: Who will go to Islamabad to take these sensitive tapes?

The secret of Indian contact sources is Islamabad

He told a source on condition of anonymity that the famous journalist RK Mishra was chosen for this, who had gone to Australia at the time. This responsibility was given to him by his description of India.

Because of the fear that if they were not searched at Islamabad airport, they would get a “diplomatic” status so that they could get “diplomatic immunity”.

He was accompanied by Joint Minister Vivek Katjo to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meet. K. Mishra Nawaz Sharif at breakfast at 8:30 am and received a copy of him.

Mishra and Katjo returned to Delhi the same night after completing this work. This trip was so secret that it was not discussed at least at the time.

The Telegraph newspaper, published by Kolkata, published a report on Pranu Sharma in its July 4, 1999 issue, “Delhi Strikes Sharif with the Tebuk Army.”

It was reported in this report that India sent Joint Secretary Vivek Katjo to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Islamabad to report the tape to Nawaz Sharif.

B. Roman, the former Secretary-General of RAW, an article entitled “Masterpieces of Kargil Tape and Blunder?” , Written in the Outlook magazine, on June 22, 2007.

It is clear that those who narrated the tape to Nawaz Sharif received clear instructions that they should return the tape after hearing them. Do not hand them over to them.

Mishra later denied that he had done the work. Vivek Katjo did not publicly confirm this.

The Indians were behind this, with RAW ministers Arvind Dave, national security adviser Brajesh Mishra and Jaswant Singh taking part in the idea that they had evidence of this evidence and fearing that India had more of these tapes there would be Pakistani leadership on Cargill under pressure.

The straps are made public

A few weeks after Nawaz Sharif heard these tapes, on June 11, 1999, before the visit of Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz to India, India announced these tapes by holding a press conference.

Hundreds of copies of these tapes were produced and sent to each foreign embassy in Delhi.

Musharraf neglect

People in the Indian intelligence community still do not know how they did this work?

Pakistanis believe that the CIA or Mosad helped India in this work. Those who have heard these tapes believe that the sound from Islamabad was clearer, so perhaps it originated from Islamabad.

Pakistani journalist Nasim Zuhair, who wrote the book “From Cargill to Koo,” a well-known book about Cargill, writes in his book, “By making such a sensitive talk with his chief of staff on an open phone, General Musharraf gave evidence of his lack of interest.

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