Modern computing leader Alan Turing gets the recognition he deserves

How many years do a person need before a person is set free from crime? How many years do one person need to apologize to the person for misbehaving? Maybe a century, maybe several centuries, maybe even less.

In the case of Alan Turing, the British government had taken half a century before it realized the abuse and serious violation of justice done by them.

Alan Turing is widely considered to be the pioneer in modern computing. In fact, this was the new Turing theory that led to the development of modern computers.

Turing is now known as Turing Machine, a virtual computing machine that can use the predefined set of rules to determine the result of the input variable.

Our desktops, laptops, smartphones and more, our artificial intelligence, all have the principle of installing a Turing machine.

Turing’s other important work left a historic mark on history, breaking the code during World War II. The Turing formula, known as the German Riddle Code, can help a team break it, it proves that it is important for allies.

But despite his intellectual abilities, Turing remained unable to gain much acceptance in his own country during his lifetime. In 1952, Turing was convicted of gross pornography. The reason was their relationship with a man.

Homosexuality was not tolerated and Turing was chemically selected for one year instead of facing prison sentence. Two years later, at the age of 41, he died. The cyanide of which he died from the poison was found to be suicide.

It took almost half a century until the British government finally could not understand the serious injustice that Thoring had. In 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown released an apology from the British government. Brown admitted that Turing’s treatment was an inhuman activity.

Brown wrote in a statement, “We’re sorry, you were pretty good.” Brown also told the country that the great mathematician of the country had a big debt which he had to get a terrible and totally inappropriate treatment.

Back in 2013, Rani officially pardoned him. This course is very late and very short.

But the state’s recognition of Turing’s mistrust led to the subsequent apology for the government for almost 50,000 gay men, who have been historically warned or convicted of homosexuality.

This year, the British government decided to put Alan Turing on the new design of the £ 50 bond of the Bank of England.

CCC contains more than 989 dead scientists, one of which has been selected for this note. This list included artists such as Rosalind Franklin, Dorothy Hodgkin and Srinivasa Ramanujan Acton. But the committee decided to elect Alan Turing.

Selection of Alan Turing is not only a recognition of his scientific nature, but a step towards accepting homosexuality in England. This is important due to the phenomenon of fear of homosexuals in society.

A recent survey has shown that two-thirds of the LGBTQ + community in the UK are still afraid to catch their hands publicly for fear of negative reactions. The survey also showed that four out of 10 LGBTQA + people experienced some form of hate incidents.

Worldwide, there are 72 countries in which homosexual relations are still illegal, and 11 countries are punishable by homosexuality.

Turing not only accepts his contribution to mathematics and computing, but also sends a strong message for treatments similar to those of same-sex people.

Looking at all this activity, and there is no doubt about Chinese efforts in particular, the Trump Administration announced that it would return to the moon in 2024.

The United States is also planning to use the Moon as a basis for launching the discovery of other planets, especially Mars. NASA administrator Bernstein recently predicted the origin of Mars in 2023, saying “Moon was the land of proof, and Mars’s goal is the horizon.”

National cut is a matter of concern, especially because there are very few references to international cooperation. Greed is another cause of concern in connection with minerals and other resources on the Moon and other bodies in space.

Humans have done enough damage to the land through extracts industries, and national and commercial rivals have threatened the Arctic that due to global warming, due to the melting of the snow, without spreading the external disease.

India can learn a lot from these experiences. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the scientific community and ground level activities should be carefully examined and should try to make an expanded Indian space program.

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