Trustradius collects $ 12.5 million, a forum for review of B2B software created by customers

Customer reviews play an important role in helping people determine what they buy in consumer-focused markets such as the Amazon or App Store.

There is only one trend in the B2B world where around half a trillion dollars is spent on software and IT procurement per year.

Trusted Radius, a start-up benefiting from this latest trend, received a total of 190,000 responses today, in which current investors took $ 12.5 million in the lead under Next Next Ventures, along with Mayfield Fund and LiveOak Ventures.

Funding, which brings the total amount mobilized by Trustedias by $ 25 million (minor compared to some of its competitors) will be used to create more involvement and use cases for its reviews, as well as provide feedback The total number of users will continue to expand.

Apart from its main location – which runs counter for a large number of online comparison services such as TrustPilot, G2 Crowd, Ovaler and many other services – Trustedias has already supplied suppliers such as LogMeIn, Tibco and other (IT companies) With numbers) I asked to not name it).

TrustRadius mainly works with them on two tracks: to improve their customers on the site to get detailed reviews from existing customer base, and then to help them use those reviews in their marketing materials.

This partnership is the root of the Trusted Riaz Business model: People who read reviews or use the site to read them, can access them for free.

Vinay Bhagat, founder and CEO of TrustRadius believes that his company’s mission – to help IT decision makers to take advantage of the feedback from other IT buyers and check the software – has found special importance in the current market.

“I think gravity is in our favor,” he said in an interview. “If you are thinking how the technology industry is developed, IT decisions are decentralized and transferred from the information manager’s office.”

The Millennial Generation is moving forward on the posts of power, which means that the way people have bought the software is through salespersons or the basis of analyst reports – is changing … there is a demand to hear the roar of companions And said that we are coming.

Reviews of the user have been criticized very recently. Organizers have asked companies not to be vigilant about the safety of their platforms for “fake” reviews, either to make the product larger, to leave it to the competitors, or to keep people in good shape By paying for word.

The logic was that markets that hosted those reviews still carry eyeballs and product conversions based on those observations, so they were less concerned about corruption, even though in the long run they corrupt consumers on the integrity of the whole platform. Able to

This belief is not completely true. Definitely: For one, Amazon has recently made a great effort to improve confidence by following counterfeit reviewers and establishing rules to prevent smuggling of counterfeit goods.

Lee Bahgat argued that it did not apply to Trustradius. The company has enough center authority – B2B software purchase – within a busy area, losing confidence can not be found soon enough by posting a blind positive review.

At the same time, he told that the company has maintained a stable line with its customers, ensuring that the “truth” about the product is not completely clear, even if it is expected that they use it to improve You can do to provide at least balanced feed as well.

To give more complete picture of existing customers (With other review sites, people who make comments use professional credentials such as business email and linkedin profiles).

Line has so far led the relationship with many software companies, which use reviews as supplement to their sales teams, papers and analyzes published by analysts such as Gartner, Owam and Forrester, to reach those people who Weigh various options for our IT solutions.

LogMeIn CEO Bill Wagner said, “Trustedias has become an integral part of today’s economic cycle.” “Today’s software buyers require detailed reviews to ensure that the product works for professionals like them.”

TrustRadius provides it transparently so that buyers can make reliable decisions, even about enterprise-class software. ”

In order to increase the perception of people about the dangers of swinging data in the digital world and how to use their personal data, they never have an interesting challenge to the online services world.

Most of us do not want to do marketing and will usually exit any box “Yes, I agree to get updates from XYZ and its partners!” – If we search for it between the dark patterns of the network.

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