Visions Club of Berlin outsource two € 40M micro funds for seeds and B2B

July 23, 2019

The new European B2B-centric venture company has revealed that it has raised two small funds of 40 million euros for each for the purpose of pre-seed / seed and series B respectively. The Berlin-based VC was founded by Sebastian Pollock and Robert Laacher.

Pollock was a VC on EWork in San Francisco, and in 2018 it was founded in Pro7Sat.1 Media Group with a valuation of more than $ 100 million. Laker was the founding partner of La Femiglia, where he was said to be an early investor in the companies. Fratbah, Koaya, Asan Rebel, Ontrack and Perseo.

Among the successful European founders in the LPs at the Visionseries Club are Hokon Coke (Auto 1 Group), Jochen Engert, Daniel Krauss (Flixbus), Johannes Rake (Gettyguide), Dominic Richter (Hello Fresh), Florian Gaswindner (Runtastic).

Fund investors include Marcus Swarovski, Shrewman Mittal, Felix Feijes (Feijes Logistics), Christian Milli, Max Weisman (Weisman Group), Siemens family member, Hansel and Bitterburger.

In an e-mail question with Polok and Laker, and in the answer, we searched a little more in the jurisdiction of the Visions Club, why its concrete focus on B2B, why do you do a basic job and not Series B, but Series A and Braxtil But there are couple’s ideas.

TechCrunch: Why B2B?

We believe that the next big wave of turmoil in B2B space will come with the possibility of changing the backbone of our European economy.

The re-innovation of the B2B IT stack is the current opportunity as there is no reason for the possibility of digitizing any part of the price chain and automating the operation for a long time.

In the last 15 years, we have a big wave of consumer driven companies and their speed. But if you look at the European industrial scenario, then our real DNA is especially the leader of the global industrial market, for which we are famous.

Most of them run profitable business, but they often fail to manage their digital transformation on their own. This is where we see opportunities for us!

Through our web-based approach, we want to fill in information about “what is possible” in the field of technology startups and “what really is needed” in the industrial sector.

Together with the Visions Club, we connect these two worlds together to feed the next wave of turmoil.

Visions Club has two funds, plans for investing in start-up for the beginning of a later period, and start-up across Europe.

In the core box, can you be more specific about the size of the checks you write and the types of companies, techniques, business models or B2B areas?

Sure! We plan to invest between € 500,000 and € 1.5 million in the founders of adult B2B seeds and seeds of approximately 10% of our companies.

We like to look at the techniques that eliminate the inefficiencies in the B2B value chain and make a significant improvement (10x) in Digital Offset Market Solutions over Sourcing and Procurement Platform, Standard Production System, Warehouse Automation and New Digital Logistics Platform. Are.

The good thing about these technologies is that almost every company has supply chain and similar problems: so most of the techniques here are relevant in vertical areas and create great opportunities to take advantage of startups in the market.

One of the great examples of new European heroes in this space, to remove Salonis from operation, UIPath is fast B2B climbers for the RPA or the graphic in the area of ​​AI-based processors, which are suitable in all areas.

The next generation is starting with companies like Arkulus located in Munich, who have strengthened production with modular approaches serving their first customers, Audi and Porsche and are now expanding to other areas.

The Visionaries Club’s Growth Fund is targeting the B series and it is designed to double the number of promising startups in your portfolio and even invest in start-ups. As B, you want to avoid a chain tourism crowd. What do you think of here?

In the last two years there has been a huge flow of capital in the European VC ecosystem, most VC companies have raised more money between € 100 million and € 350 million, with the focus on the A-series as entry points.

First of all, it is a wonderful development for the founders and our ecosystem, where big founders can choose the fund that they want to include.

At the same time, the VC scenario has become a red lining for many VCs who focus on the same phase and several series that compete for ownership, which have some similar value for many funds.

We want to stay away from this game and want to build a complementary VC product for the initial development phase, where on the founding scale of B2B technology, to help them bring our industry LP network a small check While participating in investment, a European or Tier I can choose American funds.

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