What is the murder of a witch, at the behest of Ojha? : Ground Report

July 23, 2019

Four people were killed in the village of Sisarkari in Jomla district of Jharkhand because of the claims of witchcraft. Among the dead were Sana Uraun, 60, Shaba Oroun, 69, his wife Pera Orein, 60, and Fajani Orian, 60.

The incident is 3 am. After the preliminary investigation, police arrested eight people from the village.

Among the arrested persons are the head of the village (Chief Priest) Sukra Uraun, Bogar (the priest’s assistant) Tula Uran, Kondoro Uraon, Lalo Uraun, Ram Uraun, Shoko Uraun, Mahvir Uraon and Guahari Uraun.

Anghani Kumar Jha, of Gumla, said it was a myth. The FIR was registered against persons arrested under Article 147 (Conviction of the fugitive), 148.

Assault by lethal weapon (149), mob violence (302), and the Witch Hunt Act of 2001.

It was also reported that the inhabitants of the village of Sisarkari had gone before the village of Oujan (female Ouja) in the second village (Dik), and the police had staged a demonstration. They will be arrested after investigation.

Wounded wounds due to illness

Sanskari village in Nagar Panchayat, 94 km from the headquarters of Ranchi County, has spread everywhere. After the killings, police were guarding the place where the body was.

On Monday, July 22, the village’s president, Mr. Damodar Singh, received the spouse of the village chief, Marwadi Oron, 45, Vice President of Rukmani Devi, and other government officials.

He said there were 94 houses in the village. 90 houses belong to the Uraon tribe, three from the Lohra tribe and one from the Nagaia tribe.

It was also reported that according to the data collected under CM Agriculture’s program of ponds on June 31, there are six acres of land near the deceased Uraon Chapa, and there are four acres of land near Oraon.

While Oren was not found draining the Orin myths, the reason was that he did not know the land he owned.

Under Pradhanmantri Awas Yojana, only four houses were built in the village. There is no toilet in any house.

According to information received from the villagers, the village youth, Bulo Uraun and the wife of government teacher Naruya Urawun died of the disease a month ago.

At the same time, a year ago, the wife of Gora Owen died because of many diseases.

Polo Uraon was an alcoholic. He was already sick already. Naruya Uraon’s wife was suffering from kidney disease.

Marwari Uraon told that the dead heard Uraon, Chapa Uraon and Piri Devi worship after reading mantra every morning at four o’clock.

The next moment, he also said that the mantra was a Karma song (Adivasi Festival), Sarna Mai in Nagpuri language. On special occasions, the other villagers also sang at the time of Sarna Puja.

Allegations were made in Gramh Sabha

About the event, said that a meeting was held on July 17 in the village. Who was also present with more than 200 villagers.

It was the fact that someone had a bad look at the village. It was decided that on the seventh day of the month of Safan, on July 24, the goddess of the village will be sacrificed goat

After that, a village close to a village near Chadri Toli, Ocha Giteau came to Oran said the village situation was serious. They can not handle it. View Exorcist

Another villager, Thumar Devi, said that after Jatu Uraon’s advice, on Friday, more than 50 villagers arrived at a chicken village in the old village of Ranchi.

At the same time, Titra Devi said that among the villagers, there were three fugitives in addition to the goddess of fungi in the dead with them. The sons of Chapa Uraon and Peer-Devi were not included.

Killed by order of the village of Awja

According to another rural village of Lali Devi, a woman from Auja (not told by any villager) in the chicken village, without any name, said there was a dried bibal tree in front of someone’s house, destroying the village.

During the last month and the previous death in the village, these people were held responsible.

Local journalist Ranganath says that earlier in the surrounding areas there were murders against the witch. The name Ojja from Chicken Village also comes out in it.

Ajai Kumar Jaiswal, secretary of the non-governmental organization Asha, who has been working for the last 30 years, said they conducted surveys in 332 Panchayat in eight districts in Jharkhand in 2015. In this 76 oz was marked.

According to them, these were characterized by women who were called the witch. The number of these women was 256.

All of them were from the areas of Sarekila, Pokaro, Ranchi, Khajati, Gamla and Luharda in Jharkhand.

The village has a sink

In the village of Sisakari, Bodan Devi, 32 of the Gods of the Dead Gap, made rice and vegetables for the guests who came for the rescue. During the conversation, he was told that his mother-in-law had never had any quarrel with anyone before.

He was worshiped, but not every day. He also worshiped the gods of the village and Sarna May (the goddess of the tribes).

He also said that even after the night incident (Saturday night) a lot of attack, do not open his eyes. The husband was sleeping after two days of sleep, so he did not get the chance. In the morning, his mother-in-law was beaten to death by villagers.

Buddha Devi has four sons. No one goes to school. Couples farming agriculture. After six months of the year, they go to Hazaribagh to work in a brick oven.

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