When Neil Armstrong’s beats on the Moon got faster

July 23, 2019

50 years of human life on the moon. Many countries, including India, are preparing to send new missions to the moon.

So in the 50th anniversary of NASA’s mission to the moon, his memories are being updated all over the world.

NASA named Apollo named Yan to reach the moon.

Her first flight was on October 11, 1968, under the mission of Apollo 7, which was sent to Earth orbit.

After the death of all passengers on Apollo 1 mission, it was completely redesigned. Much was dependent on Apollo 7.

Mercury and the task of Gemini

There was no possibility of this at least for the next decade.

While US President John F. Kennedy at the same time identified the mission to reach the NASA satellite in 1961.

The Apollo 7 mission commander was NASA’s most intelligent astronaut, the Chiara Valley. He had gone into space under the mission of Mercury and the Goats.

There was also Don Ethel and Walt Cunningham, who went into space for the first time with them inside the Apollo capsule.

People thought this would be the first group of astronauts trying to land on the moon.

Deep impact on the task

However, within a few hours of the launch of Apollo 7, the vein became frozen. It had a very profound effect on the whole task.

“Wally had to clean his nose again and then he had to find a place to keep tissue paper,” Walt Cunningham, recalling the 50-year-old incident, told them without being able to use all the tissue papers.

“The paper tissue used in the whole capsule was tense, because of the disease, the veins in the valley were tired and irritated from the point of view, and this affected their contacts from the NASA control room.”

“The relationship between the three astronauts in Apollo has become interesting,” said Jerry Griffin, director of aeronautics at the time.

The job was quite successful 

The Valley of the Void repeatedly discussed the control room. They refused to obey their instructions.

Once Deck Slayton, the boss and astronaut, told “Get Fuck”.

Griffin says I did not understand why so far, I was in a state of shock from vein behavior.

After 11 days in space, the valley and the two returned to Earth. The task was quite successful.

At the same time, the valley was used full of tissue paper in the spinning, and all medicines were taken to open the nose.

Their behavior was also combined with their peers and the three could not go back into space.

Health of astronauts

During any space mission, all data on the health of astronauts are collected.

Then there is a burning sensation, be it fever or fever, or for a long time to wear a machine to collect urine.

During the Apollo 15 mission, the astronaut’s pulse became unnatural and doctors believed that this was due to potassium deficiency.

Therefore, the number of fruits such as oranges, season and lemons were retained for passengers on the mission of Apollo 16. While one shoulder was pulled.

Apollo 13 astronauts have been dehydrated by water shortages. Then they began to become very gas.

Citrus fruits

When astronaut Apollo 16 John Young was walking on the moon, he had an interesting discussion about the space cafeteria with fellow Charlie Duke.

But, by mistake, both spoke to the task of control, and the rest of the world also listened to him.

Yong said the gas was causing him a lot of trouble. I do not know what to mix in food. Acid is very fast.

Young also said he had not eaten enough citrus fruits in the past 20 years, such as taking him on the job.

If the passenger gets enough gas in a closed capsule, this will be a serious problem.

Neil Armstrong

At the same time, the passengers of Apollo 10 mission were more ferocious. After defecation failed to seal them properly.

After this, the melee was broken in the space capsule. Apollo 11 mission leader Neil Armstrong, who arrived on the moon, was also popular under pressure.

During his mission, his heartbeat was normal.

On July 20, 1969, when he separated from the command unit and landed on the moon using lunar module, the heartbeat was so natural.

However, when the warning sound of the computer began, Neil’s heartbeat began to grow.

The pulse of Neil’s heartbeat became rapid during the landing of the spacecraft on the moon.

In difficult circumstances

But as soon as he landed on the moon and two minutes after asking the “control task” to stay there, Neil’s heartbeat became normal again.

In addition to the Apollo 15 heartbeat, the heart of astronauts raised this problem as well as the pulse of the Gemini 9 mission of NASA.

On the last day of the mission, Jean Cernon had to do some repair work while swimming in space. While doing so, the gene joints began to collapse.

Every time he tried it, it happened. They were upset. Understanding of the Mission’s mission was understandable.

However, in very difficult circumstances, committees can finally finish the repair work. Then came the capsule.

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